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About Kunsang Gar

Kunsang stands for goodness to all, everywhere, at all times and in all circumstances.   Gar means camp or place. There are two levels to think of when we consider these meanings. First, it refers to the pristine state of a Buddha. We all have this pristine essence in our nature. The practices we do are to realise this all-good state.   Geshe la refers to this when he talks about the Natural Mind meditations.  We have the potential to develop our minds gradually in this way.

Second, kunsang refers to the basic philosophy of the class.  We don’t promote any special religion in the group.  Whatever religion, country, race, gender or view is    

accepted….it’s all good and all for the good.  These differences are not important when we have the basic aim of improving the mind.  We practice to develop a positive and happy mind.  Kindness and goodness is for all.

We practice Calm Abiding as a foundation for meditations because we need a calm mind to begin with.  Then, also, we are practicing meditation on the Natural Mind.  At first we apply it to daily life to understand our mind and help with mental obstacles. Later, we get high level Natural Mind meditation, like Dzogchen, which can cause rainbow body.