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My project related with Kunsang Gar

  My project related with Kunsang Gar   Kunsang Gar relies on donations and volunteer participation. Our programs could not take place without the generous support of friends, students and volunteers. Please consider supporting Kunsang Gar and Geshe Namgyal by becoming a sustaining donor.  ​ A monthly donation goes a…

Namkha Publications

Namkha Publications publishing books by Geshe Dangsong Namgyal. Recently published more details here.https://www.kunsanggarcenter.org/namkha


  Rimé The main Bön that is currently being practiced in Tibet comes from Zhang Zhung and is known as the system of Buddha Tonpa Shenrab. According to the Bön teaching, in the time of Buddha Tonpa Shenrab, Buddha Shakyamuni was his student (named Dhampa Tokar). Tibetan Buddhism, the system…