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Pure Dzoghchen

Pure Dzoghchen
Pure Dzogchen
Zhang Zhung Tradition
Written by Geshe Dangsong Namgyal
Published by Namkha Publications.
The Dzogchen teaching directly introduces Dharmakaya
or primordial Buddhahood. This is attained by means of
one practice: single-pointed meditation on the Natural
Mind. The meditator passes beyond mind and encounters
the inconceivable vastness of the natural mind and
ultimate truth. All delusions, ignorance and emotions
are liberated. Freeing the practititioner from daily
problems is of benefit; however, Dzogchen, the path
of liberation, is the ultimate benefit.
This compilation of Geshe Namgyal’s teachings provides
the root, summary and essential points of the Pure
Dzogchen from the Zhang Zhung Tradition.
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