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The Five Great Treatises" Program changed the before day.

will begin on Sunday, October 20, 10AM

The Five Great Treatises" Program with Geshe Namgyal

Ananda Dharma Center is proud to offer you a new program, recommended by H. E. Choden Rinpoche during the 2013 Oral Transmission of these great topics.

This is the full description of the upcoming courses that will be offered at our center beginning in August. All topics will be taught as described below by Venerable Geshe Namgyal. You can read H.E. Choden Rinpoche's personal recommendations regarding Geshe-la here.

“Five Great Treatises of Tibetan Buddhism” with Geshe Dangsong Namgyal/ Translated by Ven.Tsondue by Ananda Dharma Center EVERY SATURDAY, 10AM-12PM, begining August, 3rd 2013
More than 2000 years ago, the teachings of Buddha were studied and practiced by the great Indian pundits of the ancient Nalanda University, such as Arya Nagarjuna, Chandrakirti, Dharmakirti, Asanga, and Vasubhandu. These masters of Nalanda University wrote many commentaries on the entire collection of the teachings of the Buddha. These texts were later translated into the Tibetan language. It is in Tibet that these complete Nalanda teaching lineages were preserved as a living tradition of spiritual practice. Monastic universities in Tibet were created based on the model of the great University of Nalanda, and the area of study included content of the programs of the great Buddhist pundits of Nalanda. Part of this program are the “Five Great Treatises of Tibetan Buddhism”: Abhīsamayaalamkara or “The Treatise of Quintessential Instructions of the Perfection of Wisdom: Ornament for Clear Realization” by Maitreya; Pramāṇavārttika by Dharmakīrti; Madhyamakāvatāra by Candrakīrti; Abhidharmakośa by Vasubandhu and Vinayasūtra by Guṇaprabha. We are delighted to offer you all these great programs for the the next few years. Venerable Geshe Namgyal will begin a program of the First Two Treatises in August, 2013. We will begin our study with ”The Treatise of Quintessential Instructions of the Perfection of Wisdom: Ornament for Clear Realization” by Maitreya.

All humans who live on this earth as part of the human society are similar in not wishing suffering and wishing for happiness. This happiness is seen only fleetingly and is derived mainly from the attractive qualities of external objects. As such, it leads us astray.The inner happiness of the mind is a powerful and great endowment, yet we remain unsatisfied and there are people these days who are considering new methods for generating mental happiness. If we were able to fill our mind with compassion and wisdom, we would be happy for our entire life.
In many places on earth we find ancient traditions and religious systems that fulfill a certain measure of human wishes, having become part of the human welfare and the sustenance of mind that comes along with that.

As we can see directly, both in the case of public and private [affairs], mistakes occur in terms of how we view ourselves, causing us problems. These problems are mainly created by the mind, and whether or now we will be able to remove them depends on the mind.

The most prominent element in Buddhism, among other religious systems, is compassion. When we infuse our practice with compassion we are able to broaden our mind from its currently limited scope. For this reason we should strive to acquire the strength of the mind that benefits others. This type of practice is a great method for eliminating suffering and problems from human society.

Humans possess intelligence and this intelligence is based on wisdom. The view of Buddhism is erected upon the wisdom of individual analysis and as our Teacher has said, it should be investigated rather than accepted through blind faith.

This powerful view that is in accordance with reality is known as dependent origination. Having reflected how this result follows from that condition there is dependent origination in terms of cause and result. There is also dependent origination in terms of imputing in dependence upon the mode of existence, and so forth. In any case, it is the ultimate view of the meaning that is gained after detailed examination of reality and these days it is also very popular with scientists as well.

The reason we study, disregarding many years of hardship, it to be able to practice through our own strength with this profound human wisdom that is hard to find.
When we are able to explain the point that we understand while discussing them with close friends who have compatible views, the activities of ourselves and others become virtuous and highly beneficial. This is my firm belief. Below, I offer a brief explanation of the subject matter of various areas of study and invite you to read further, if your time allows it.